Changes in the Demo!


What’s new:

1) Campaign missions are now available in the Demo!
Before this patch you’ve been busy rising in rating. This allowed you to fight on other eras and expand your army. 
Now, rating is opening campaign missions too! 
This means that you will also be able to try a bit more of a PvE-part of the game before purchase :)

To unlock a mission, you need to receive a certain amount of rating points for fighting in Skirmish. This number corresponds to one of the 7 ranks in the game.
If your rating points number drops down, the mission will become unavailable again (even if you managed to play it before). 

Please remember that additional missions will remain inaccessible in the Demo. 

2) Changes in the rating system
The amount of rating points received for victories and defeats has been increased threefold. This will allow Demo version players reach 2nd and 3rd eras faster and fight on them.

Fixed issues:

1) Fixed a bug in Sevastopol mission which led to a freeze after certain actions and made the completion of the mission impossible;
2) Fixed a bug in March on Berlin due to which a defeat screen was shown after the final cutscene instead of a victory one;
3) Fixed several historical inaccuracies in Rebellion in Warsaw;
4) Corrected a few mistakes in English and German localizations.