Technical patch №8


1) Fixed a bug which, after loading some saved missions, caused the mission to load on a black screen and required players to press the Spacebar to continue the game.
2) Fixed the problem that sometimes didn't allow saves made in the "Siege of Sevastopol" mission to load.


1) Animated objects and the convoy in battle were removed from the "Two Bridges" map.
2) Fixed a bug that caused the animated movement of camels to malfunction.
3) A mistake with the American flag was corrected in the "Warsaw Uprising" mission.
4) Fixed a mistake where the Cruiser Mk.I tank was displayed with black textures on sandy maps.
5) Changed the place where rewards appeared on the "Castle Ruins" map in Skirmish mode.


1) Fixed a bug that caused objects on the minimap to hover after disabling and enabling the interface (F10).
2) Fixed inaccuracies and minor errors in localization.
3) If you check "remove shields" in the settings, health indicators remain above the units.
4) Fixed a bug that didn't allow players to scroll the units on the central panel in battle.
5) Now the selected anti-aliasing parameter is correctly stored in the settings.


Balance, units behavior and PvE:
1) Fixed a bug that didn't allow players to call in reinforcements of more than one unit of the same type.
2) Now, after a squad captures a fortification, the soldiers from this squad don't run to attack the enemy, but stay to defend the fortification.
3) Fixed the problem in the "Strike in the Ardennes" mission that caused the reinforcements that had just been called up to be lost in the final part of the mission.
4) Fixed a bug in the "Operation Archery" mission that caused the task to be completed when troops were called up from reserves.
5) Fixed a bug that didn't apply the improvement to the Cruiser Mk.I tank's characteristics.